Hydrion Ammonia Test Paper
Hydrion (AM-40)Ammonia Test Paper
Hydrion Ammonia Test PaperSKU# F30-SPLTY-AMMONI-SRD
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    Hydrion Ammonia Meter Test Paper is designed and calibrated to measure the amount of ammonia in air in parts per million wherever there may be actual or potential ammonia pollution. The color chart has matches at 0-5-10-20-50-100ppm.

    The Hydrion Ammonia Test Kit is especially useful where large numbers of animals are raised, such as animal rooms or poultry houses, as animal wastes are a common source of ammonia pollution. Operators of these facilities depend on our test kits to detect dead air pockets and inadequately ventilated areas, alerting them to dangerous levels of ammonia in the air.

    Each carton contains 10 kits, each consisting of one(1) 15-foot roll of test paper, packed in a pocket-sized dispenser with specially calibrated color chart, and a polypropylene case. Provides for approximately 750-1000 tests.


    Tear off a strip of paper, moisten with water and expose to the air. Wait 15 seconds and compare the test strip to the calibrated color chart. The color chart shows readings in ppm of ammonia in air.