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pH Paper Manufacturer Micro Essential Laboratory Launches New Hydrion® pH Strips

Leader in pH test papers, sanitizer test papers, pH buffer standards, and sanitizer papers.

Following their recent release of the wide range 9800 Spectral Plastic pH strips, pH paper manufacturer, Micro Essential, has launched a full plastic strip line of products.

Unlike most pH strips in the market, these are packed in easy-to-use desiccant vials. These vials not only protect the strips from moisture, keeping them safe from spills and humidity, but they are also easy to use when compared to the traditional 2 piece case used mainly by European competitors.

“The simple act of knocking over a case of a competitor’s pH strips made it easy to see how frustrating it can be to use pH strips from our competitors,” said Mark Florin, managing partner. “When the top comes off, those strips fall all over the floor and end up in the garbage. Our solution was to use an engineered vial that provides easy access to the strips, but has a firm closure to keep the strips intact.”

With a ½” matching area – the largest of any strip on the market – and a single color match, our pHydrion Spectral Plastic pH Strips are the easiest to use and they offer great accuracy at a market leading price. The full line includes pH strips in the 0-14., 0-6, 5-9, 5.5-8.0 and 6.5-13.0 ranges.

Micro Essential Laboratory, Inc. has been making Hydrion® and pHydrion branded pH and sanitizer products since 1934. It remains family owned and operated, with brothers Mark and Joel Florin taking over day-to-day operations in 1989. All products are still proudly made in the U.S.A.

To learn more about Micro Essential Laboratory's American made pH strips, call Rob Lynch at 718-338-3618 or visit: