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Micro Essential Laboratory, Inc. was founded by Walter Florin in 1934. As a member of his high school’s microscope club, Walter began experimenting with different dyes and chemicals and their application to pH measurement, and noticed a genuine need for a solution to standardized pH testing. With this need in mind, Walter manufactured his first hand-made pH paper while working at his family’s pharmacy. The papers created by Walter soon became a profitable business, and he named his small company Micro Essential Laboratory, Inc.

Over the years Walter gained broad experience in the use of dyes and began experimenting with pH testing for a variety of different applications. His efforts paid off with the development of the pHydrion® line of pH strips, sanitizer test papers, and pH buffer standards, along with various specialty test papers. Micro Essential Laboratory’s products became an industry standard known for quality, accuracy, and reliability.

Micro Essential demonstrated its specialty in test paper applications by partnering with Eli Lilly and Company in the development of the Eli Lilly product “Test Tape.” Manufactured under the company name Hydrion® Test Products, Test Tape was the standard test used by diabetics to measure glucose in urine for more than thirty years. In 1954, the company relocated to its current Brooklyn location in order to accommodate its expanding business.

Walter founded his company with a vision rooted in the ideals of providing the highest quality products, dedicated customer service, and loyalty towards his hard-working employees. With Walter’s guidance the business has passed to his sons, current owners Mark and Joel Florin.

With Walter Florin’s vision intact, Micro Essential Laboratory, Inc. has flourished and today supplies pH test papers, sanitizer test papers, and pH buffer standards to a global market. The markets served include educational, industrial, medical, and personal pH testing by consumers. In addition to pH products, Micro Essential Laboratory, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of sanitizer test papers used throughout the foodservice industry.