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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Question

What is the shelf life of pH paper?
How many tests can I get from a roll of paper?
What sizes do your Hydrion pH Paper come in?
What are the instructions for using this product?
What is the shelf life of products?
What product do you suggest for urine/saliva?
What is a buffered solution?
What does in vitro mean?
What is the minimum order?
Do you make a pH paper where the color doesn’t change once the solution starts to dry?
What is the difference between QT-10 and QT-40?
What is the difference between QC-1001 and QK-1000
Can I use 334 for medical diagnostics?

How to / How do

How do I test saliva pH?
How do I test urine pH?
How can I interpret my results? (Urine/Saliva)
When should I test? (Urine/Saliva)
Do you accept purchase orders?
Your QT-10 instructions say that the solution should be pH of 7.5 or lower but I how do I test that with this paper?
How do I prepare buffers using a buffer capsule?
How do I prepare buffers using a Chemvelope?
How do I use the "Dip and Read" pH Test Papers?

Discounts / Distributors

Is there discount pricing for health providers?
Do you offer any discounts?
How can I become a distributor?
What are the benefits of being a distributor?
Are there discounts only available for distributors?
Do you do custom printing?
What forms of payment do you accept?
When will my card be charged?
Will I see the discounts applied to my on-line order?
Why don’t I notice the price being adjusted even though I entered your web code?
Why don’t I notice the shipping being removed from my order even though I entered your web code?


Why is the color of the pH paper different from my last purchase?
How accurate are Hydrion pH papers?
How do I request MSDS sheet(s) if it is not posted on your website?
How can I obtain a certificate of analysis?
Do you have replacement charts?
Are the color charts interchangeable?
Can you email me a color chart?
Do you have test paper for Peracetic acid (a chemical in the organic peroxide family)?
Do you have a chlorine tester above 200 ppm?
Can I use your pencil on dry concrete walls?
How long is the buffer solution good for once it is mixed with the preservative?
What is the shelf life of the dry buffer powder?
How long is a prepared Buffer Solution good once it is mixed without Hydrion Color Key Buffer Preservative?
What amount of chlorine should be added to a 3 compartment sink?
What are the molarities of the buffers?
Can I use Hydrion pH Paper to test the pH of NaCL solutions?
How should Hydrion Test Papers be stored?