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Sanitizer Test Paper Manufacturer Micro Essential Laboratory Launches Food Safety Posters

Leader in sanitizer test papers, pH test papers, and pH buffer standards.

Outbreaks of food borne illness concern everyone. They generally result from improper handling of food and poor sanitation. To demonstrate their commitment to Food Safety, and to reduce the risk of associated illnesses, Micro Essential Laboratory, the leader in sanitizer test papers and ph paper, has commissioned the development of a trio of posters that describe the correct use of a sanitizer solutions in a 3-compartment sink.

These posters make it easy to follow the basic steps of ‘Scrape, Wash, Rinse and Sanitize’ that have been incorporated into health codes across the industry. Not only will these posters serve as excellent reminders to kitchen staff to follow the mandated steps, but they also show Health Inspectors that you are making every effort to comply with regulations and operate a safe, healthy establishment.

"In my experience, restaurant employees are more likely to follow posted procedures and Health Inspectors are more likely to assume compliance when instructions are posted in a work area," said Joel Florin, President of Micro Essential Laboratory. “This makes having these posters a win-win. It is good for the public and good for restaurant operators."

Although the Food Safety Posters are available via free download, to make them more suitable for use in food service, where water and various cleaners take their toll on printed materials, Micro Essential has printed posters on a special, water resistant synthetic paper. Both downloadable and printed posters are available directly from Micro Essential Laboratory at their website: www.microessentiallab.com.

Micro Essential Laboratory, Inc. has been making Hydrion® and pHydrion branded pH and sanitizer products since 1934. It remains family owned and operated, with brothers Mark and Joel Florin taking over day-to-day operations in 1989. All products are still proudly made in the U.S.A.

To learn more about Micro Essential Laboratory's American made Sanitizer Test Kits, call Rob Lynch at 718-338-3618 or visit: www.microessentiallab.com.