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pH Paper Manufacturer and Distributor Micro Essential Labs Renovates Facility, Adds to Manufacturing Capacity

Micro Essential, a leading sanitizer test kit provider, makes room for its newly launched line of pH Test Strips

BROOKLYN, NY - Despite the longstanding decline of Brooklyn-based manufacturing, and challenges in the economy as a whole, Micro Essential Laboratory is adding manufacturing capacity to keep up with demand for its products.

Micro Essential Laboratory has been manufacturing pH paper in Brooklyn for decades, operating in the shadow of global power houses like pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. But, Pfizer closed its facility in 2008 and ER Squib & Sons closed its Brooklyn plant decades ago. Late last year, however, Micro Essential Laboratory’s facility required renovation to make room for its newly launched line of pH Test Strips.

Packed in vials and prepared on a plastic substrate, these pH test strips are a departure for the 77 year old manufacturer of chemical test papers. Well known in laboratories for their test paper rolls and iconic dispenser, the introduction of the new plastic pH strip represented a significant bet on the future.

"Our pH strips provide the same single color match we have been known for, making it easy for scientists and average consumers alike to get a quick, accurate pH reading," said Mark Florin, Managing Partner. "We now have a product that competes with the largest players in the market. I’m proud that we’re able to compete with our USA made products and keep manufacturing jobs here at home."

In addition to the single matching area, the pHydrion Spectral pH strip offers the largest matching area of any strip available, a full half inch. Also, the plastic strips are packed in sturdy flip-top vials both to make them easier to handle and to keep them intact when dropped.

Despite several advantages over competitors, the success of this line still caught the company by surprise.

"Demand has been exceptionally strong, despite ongoing price pressure from new portable pH meters and inexpensive, though poor quality pH strips imported from Asia," said Rob Lynch, Sales Manager of Micro Essential. "Of all the products we have introduced over the years, this has caught on with customers the fastest. They are already among our best sellers."

Customers for the product have come from the laboratory supply, health care, and nutrition industries.

Micro Essential Laboratory, Inc. remains family owned and operated, with brothers Mark and Joel Florin taking over day-to-day operations in 1989. All products are still proudly made in Brooklyn, U.S.A.

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